брзу израду прототипова

Rapid prototyping servies is mainly used to performance test and design verification in short time and low cost, we will work out our best sulotion according to your data, choose the different process to make protoype fast and cheap, 3D printing, CNC machining, or silicon molding casting.whatever your prototype is simple or complex, our sales had rich experience in rapid prototyping field, and working with Europe and Australia working time,they will offer the fantastic communication and services to you, let us have a try!

Rapid Prototyping services

Our Rapid prototyping capacity

Rapid prototyping equipment: more than 25 sets

Rapid prototyping  Size: 1200*1000*400mm

Accuracy: +/-0.05

sharp: customized

Preferred model Formats: x-t, .stp, .igs, .stl, Auto CAD, Pro/E, Unigraphics

Lead time: 5~12 day, according to the actual prototyping requirement

Материјали доступни,


Metal: Aluminum, Brass, Copper and steel etc.

Површинска обрада,

Paint, polish, silk-print, anodize, transparent surface, translucent surface, brush, rubber oil, electroplate


   Youde Prototype limited is a professional rapid prototype and mold manufactring company,establish in 2005 and local in Shenzhen.We offer a variety of comprehensive services, including Rapid CNC machining, Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting,3D printing, Sheet Metal fabrication, mold design and manufactring etc, kinds of metals and plastics rapid prototyping, low volume production, we trust that our quality and our price will give you an edge over your competitors.Ако се интересовање наше услуге и да одговара за свој пројекат, пошаљите нам емаил: инфо@иоуде-прототипе.цом,  Click here, Пробајте сада  , пошаљите цртеж, цитат ће бити достављен у року од 24х.

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