3D Printing

3D printing technology is actually a kind of rapid prototyping technology which that it is the collection material, computer,laser technology one set of intelligent digital manufacture technology, such as its basic principle are discrete + accumulation of laminated manufacturing: First Create a three-dimensional entity model by CAD software, and then separated into slices, Become the section-shape of the workpiece, Finally to form three-dimensional parts by using laser scanning the section contour of each layer step by step.

Наш 3Д штампање капацитет

3D printing Size: 1200*1000*400mm
Printing Accuracy:+/- 0.1mm
Принтинг оштар:
прилагодити жељени модел формати: КСТ, .стп, .игс, .стл, ауто ЦАД ПРО / Е Униграпхицс
Lead time: 5~12 day, according to the actual prototyping requirement

СЛА ласерски: Сомос 14120, Сомос 11122
СЛС ласерски ЕОС ПА2200, ПоверСхот ПА3200ГФ,

Површинска обрада,
боје, пољски, свила-штампа, транспарентна површина, провидан површина,


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