Why the aluminum anodizing products are popular in the CNC Machining industry?

The biggest characteristic of aluminum Alloy is light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy forming, beautiful appearance, It is widely used in aircraft, machinery manufacturing, building decoration, daily necessities and so on, and Aluminum Alloy are  affordable, It is become the most economical choice in the CNC Machining manufacturing industry.

The definition of Anodizing:

The aluminum parts are soaked in electrolyte solutions , then the aluminum surfaces are formed oxide film through application of anode current , This process of material protection technology is called surface anodizing.

The advantages of aluminum Anodizing parts: When the aluminum alloy finished process of surface anodizing, it have greatly improved corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation and heat resistance. The anodic oxidation of aluminum is usually carried out in the acid electrolyte with aluminum as the anode, Oxidation film produced by oxygen anion and aluminum. The initial formation of this membrane is not fine enough, Although there is a certain resistance, but the negative oxygen ion in the electrolyte can still reach the surface of the aluminum and continue to form an oxide film. With the thickness of the film increases, the resistance becomes larger and the electrolysis current becomes smaller. At this time, the outer layer of the electrolyte contact with the electrolyte dissolves chemically. When the speed of form the oxide on the surface aluminum gradually balanced with the speed of chemical dissolution, The oxide film can reach the maximum thickness under this electrolytic parameter. The outer layer of the anodic oxide film of aluminum is porous and easy to adsorb dye and coloured material, so it can be dyed to improve its decoration. The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the oxide film can be further improved after the oxidation film is treated with hot water, high temperature steam or nickel salt.

Aluminum alloy material is high strength and light weight, much high-grades than plastic, and generally the electronic product will be choose aluminum if it wants to use metal. After  anodizing , The aluminum parts is difficult to oxidize and corrode. It can extend life, and the appearance can be guaranteed. Aluminum products can oxidize with all kinds of colors, fonts and so on. It also applies to electronics, such as hard disk shell, radiator and so on. After anodizing, the surface of aluminum is not conductive, which is also a function of circuit protection. Therefore, aluminum alloy anodizing products becoming more and more popular in manufacturing industry.


YOUDE not only can support anodizing surface treatment for your parts, but also offer various options for surface treatment, include Spray Painting , Chrome Plating , Nickel Plating , Sand blasting, passivating , Heat treating, Polishing etc, We offer one-stop solution to global partner, it will increase efficiency and speed.

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