Which surface treatments suit for plastic prototypes ?

Surface treatment is a technology which form a special properties layer on surface of product by physical or chemical methods. It can improve the performance of product appearance, texture, function and so on (as below).

Appearance: color, pattern, LOGO, gloss / line

Texture: feels, roughness, life, streamline

Function: sensitive, anti fingerprint ,anti-scratching 

YOUDE provides one-stop solution. We can not only provide high quality prototypes products for you, but also provide a variety of surface treatment for your products. The following are common surface treatment process.

Spray Painting

This is a painting method which use Spray gun spray the liquid coating on the surface of product , It has these advantages: rich color, processing in liquid environment, It can achieve the surface treatment of complex structure; the technology is maturity, and it can be mass production; It has a unique transparency.


This is a technology to print the pattern on the surface of plastic product by pad printing, screen printing and transfer printing etc method.


It can make the plastic to get the metal effect surface at a lower cost . It similar to PVC, PVD is the physical principle, electroplating is chemical plating, There are mainly include vacuum electroplating and water electroplating.

Laser carving

It also call as laser engraving or laser marking, It is a surface treatment technology based on optical principle, It similar to screen printing and transfer printing, It can be carved words and pattern on the surface of products by radium carving. It has these advantages: wide range of use, precise and meticulous, safe and quick, conserve resources and protect the environment.


Of course, if you need learn more knowledge regarding the surface treatment technology of rapid prototyping, Please pay attention to our Blog or contact to our engineers directly. Youde not only can provide various surface treatment for your plastic products, but also provide full surface treatment for metal products.

Youde offers instant pricing for you, including CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication services. We also provides engineering support from our team of experts.

Please contact us by e-mail:info@youde-prototype.com, Or Skype: Paul Fan.

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