What parts are suitable for CNC milling machining?

What parts are suitable for CNC milling machining? This is a concerning for every CNC machining manufacturers and consumers. Today, We would like to share these knowledge to you by this Blog.

CNC milling machine similar with the CNC machine, but It missing automatic function of cutter exchange and cutter stock. It also can be used drilling, core drilling , reaming, spot-facing, boring bore, tapping etc on the workpieces, but it is mainly used for milling on the workpiece, Here the main machining Objects and sorts is considered on milling machining way.

(1)Plane parts

The plane parts is defined as the machining surface which is parallel or perpendicular or angle to the horizontal plane. According to the definition, The three parts belong to the plane parts (as below shown), At present, most of the CNC milling parts are plane parts. The characteristics of plane parts: each machining unit surface is plane, or Can be expanded into a plane. Plane parts are the simplest types of CNC milling objects,  They can be processed only by the two coordinate linkage of 3 coordinate CNC milling machines.


(2) Variable bevel angle parts

The angle between the machined surface and the horizontal plane assume continuously changing. This kind of part is called variable bevel angle parts. Most of these parts are used for aircraft parts, Such as integral beam, frame, edge bar and ribs, etc. Besides, also include inspection fixture and assembly rack .

The variable bevel angle surface of variable bevel angle parts can not be unfolded as a plane, But in the processing, the moment the machining surface contact the milling cutter is a straight line. It is best to use 4 and 5 coordinate milling machine to swing angle machining. It is also can be use 2.5 coordinate to approximate machining on 3 coordinate milling machine.

(3) Curved surface (stereoscopic) parts

The parts of machining surface is the space surface are called curved surface parts. One of the characteristics of the parts is that the machining surface can not be expanded to the plane, and the other is that the machining surface and the milling cutter contact with the point. This kind of parts generally used 3 coordinate milling machines.

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