The latest development trend of CNC machine in the 21st century

The main development direction of CNC machine industry is: High speed, high precision, high reliability, compositing, intelligent, flexible, integrated and openness.

 1.Individuation is the development trend of market adaptability

The setup of International cooperation has formed gradually in today’s market, The product competitive becomes  increasingly fierce, The demands of high efficiency and high precision machining method are upgrading. The professional, dedicated, high-tech machine are welcomed by more and more users.

2. Personalized of development trend

(1) Composite

The core of development of function composite of CNC machine is to complete a variety of operation processes such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming and reaming on a machine , It can improving the efficiency and machining accuracy, and improving the flexibility of production.

(2) High speed, high precision and high reliability

High speed: increase feed speed and increase spindle speed.

High accuracy: the accuracy is high from micron to submicron, up to nanometer (high reliability: The reliability of CNC system is higher than CNC equipment, but the highest reliability is not always good, because the commodity was bound by price performance.)

(3) intelligent

Intelligent content include in all aspects of CNC system: machining efficiency and machining quality; Improve the drive performance and use connection convenient and other aspects; simplify programming and simplify operation; and the intelligent for automatic programming 、human-computer interface etc. Also the intelligent diagnosis、intelligent monitoring etc, So it could convenient for diagnosis and maintenance system.

(4) Flexibility and integration

Today, The flexible automation system development trend of CNC machine: The development direction is forward to the surface and solid from the point and line, The other direction is pay attention to the development of application and economy. Flexible automation technology is the main method for the manufacturing industry to adapt to the dynamic market demand and the rapid update of products. It is the main trend of manufacturing industry in all countries, and it is the basic technology of advanced manufacturing field.

 3. openness is the development trend of Architecture.

The core of the development of new generation CNC system is openness. openness include software platform and hardware platform open system, with the method of modular and hierarchical structure, and provides a unified application program interface through form.

In order to solve the problems of the traditional CNC system closure and the industrialization of CNC application software production. At present, many countries have studied the open CNC system, and the open CNC system has become the future of CNC system. The core of the current research of open CNC system is: architecture specification, communication specification, configuration specification, operation platform, NC system function library and NC system function software development tools. Networked CNC equipment is a new focus in recent two years. Networked CNC equipment will greatly meet the needs of production lines, manufacturing systems and manufacturing enterprises for information integration, It is also the basic unit for implementing new manufacturing models, such as agile manufacturing, virtual enterprise, and global manufacturing. Some famous CNC machine and CNC system manufacturing companies have introduced new concepts and prototypes in recent two year.

Numerical control technology has been came out more than 40 years. It was a comprehensive new discipline developed from four basic disciplines: mechanics, control science, electronics and computer science. The requirement of technical development set a higher request for CNC technology in the 21st century.


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