Summary of CNC machining operation during testing-cutting process

 There are various kinds of CNC machine tools, different structures, different operation functions and methods. We would like to discuss about the several commonly CNC machine tool, commonly operation methods of system and cutter setup mode in this Blog.

1.Whether the CNC lathe, the CNC milling machine or the machining center, no matter what type of CNC system is selected, It is generally necessary to go back to zero after starting the machine. The zero return operation that could establish the machine tool coordinate system.

 2.Tool Setting  and setting of tool Compensation(tool data setting) are the prerequisite to keep the correction of tool trace. Various kind of the CNC machine have the similar style of tool setting, has the different means of tool setting.

 3.When the CNC machine start to testing-cutting on debugging machining program process. It generally choice a smaller reed rate, Such as 5%,10%.


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Post time: Jan-25-2018
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