Sanding Process of Rapid Prototyping

Sanding is one of most common manufacturing process in rapid prototyping. It will make the surface smooth, bright and beautiful. Do you know the real functions of sanding, let’s have a study by this Blog today.  

The Sanding process of rapid prototyping has three main functions:

(1)For the base material is to remove the burr and oil dust on the surface.

(2)For the surface that scratched putty, the general surface is rough, need to get through grinding the flat surface, thus grinding can reduce surface roughness.

(3)enhance the adhesion of the coating. Before spraying the new paint film, it usually needs to be sanded to the old paint film layer because the coating is weak adhesion on the surface of excessive smoothing, the mechanical adhesion of the coating can be enhanced after polishing.


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Post time: Dec-06-2017
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