How to choose reasonable range of tolerances for your rapid cnc prototype product?

Do you know how to choose reasonable range of tolerances for your prototype product .This problem is important for your prototypes.Hope this knowledge could help to you.

The designer select tolerance range for drawing, in essence, That is to restrict and limit the machining precision and nominal size in mechanics design process . Tolerance is one of the core contents of mechanical design, and the selection of tolerance range will effect to result of design. Regarding the designer select the standard of the tolerance range for product ,there isn’t ready-made standards for reference , The designer can be select the tolerance rang according the tolerance numerical basic principle and related successful case experience. To contrast the tolerances of successful product for reference. Choose the corresponding tolerance to design product. To ensure the selected tolerance range comply with the design demand and production requirement.

AS a professional rapid prototyping company ,Here are some suggestion. Normally, Setting tolerance for your high quality prototypes needs to meet the following requirements: needs to meet the following requirements:

1) To meet the manufacturing capacity of the product, if the manufacturing capacity of the product can not meet the requirements of tolerance setting, it is meaningless to set the tolerances at a higher level.

2) Through tolerance analysis, the tolerance should meet the requirements of product assembly, function, appearance and quality.

3)The tolerance is related to the cost of products, if the tolerance are more tighter, Then the cost of products must higher. The tolerance is the looser the better under the condition which product meet the above mentioned requirement.

4) Reasonable design of product features, setting looser tolerances to reduce the cost of products.


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