CNC programming

CNC programming methods are include manual programming and automatic programming. Manual programming: the whole content of the program is written by the manual according to CNC system instructions. Automatic programming is also called computer programming, It is a automatic programming method based on instructions and drawing. However, It is required the corresponding hardware and software whatever it is used any automatic programming method.


The key of CNC machining is CNC programming, But it can not to work if it only have programming, The CNC machining is required a series of prepare work before programming and a series of work after programming. Generally, CNC machining technology is mainly includes the contents as following:

(1)Selecting and determining the parts and contents of CNC machining;

(2) Analysis the technical of CNC machining for part drawing ;

(3) Design the technology of CNC machining;

(4)Deal of the mathematical of parts drawing;

(5) Writing of processing procedures card;

(6)Make the control medium according to the processing procedures card.

(7)Verification and modification of the procedures;

(8)Trial-produce of the first pieces and handing problem at the scene;

(9) Sorting and filing the technology documents of CNC machining.

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