Brief introduction of surface treatment of rapid prototyping

After many years of accumulation, Surface treatment process of rapid prototyping had very rich and comprehensive technology, including hand processing, painting (light, matte, metallic paint, rubber paint, pearlescent paint etc.) screen printing, sandblasting, polishing, electroplating (vacuum plating, water plating, bronzing).

Hand processing: grinding and assembling of the sample, making parts into a finished product.

Spray Paint: according to customer requirements spray color.

Silk-screen: printing character or pattern on the prototypes.

Pad Printing: printing character or pattern on the uneven surface.

Laser engrave: In order to pervious to light, it will spray two layers of paint on a transparent parts, destroy one layer and reveal one layer.

Electroplating: For the products to be more eye-catching, coated with silver as products natural color, sample must be very smooth and no impurities, and then soaked in the liquid (with water and vacuum plating).Water plating features: not easy to scratch, not easy to fade, not bright, the material needed to withstand high temperature. Vacuum plating is bright and easy to scratch and fade.

Anodizing: make the aluminum surface oxidation reaction, forming a layer of film, not easy to scratch, not easy to corrosion.

Wire drawing: draw a fine mark on the surface of aluminum, the texture is better.

High-light effect: Processing a circle with high-speed CNC on the sample, exposing the natural colors of aluminum.

Bronzing: Labeled gold or silver color on partial detail of product. (this process is now very rarely used)

UV: sprayed a layer of transparent oil on the sample surface, dried by UV, The product is brighter and doesn’t scratch easily.

Carved mud: for toy dolls, the appearance is not regular, with the machine can not be processed, so with a piece of clay carved by hand.

Relief: spread a layer of oily sludge on a board, and then carve the desired shape. It looks like a solid object.

Lathe: machining small parts.

Milling machine: milling CNC can not be processed parts or need to modify parts.

Sand blasting: On the computer gongs out of the sample, there are a lot of residual plastic that hand processing is very troublesome.


Youde offer one-stop solution to global partner, it will increase efficiency and speed, Options include spay paiting, silk screening and laser etching, anodizing and else surface treatment, If you would like to learn more on how Youde make your prototyping part. Please contact us by, Or Skype: Paul Fan.


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