Custom CNC Machining

    CNC machining prototyping is the mechanism of manipulating precise machine tools by the help of computerized interface provided by software, make your idea come ture in few days.

We are offer custom CNC machining services aluminum and plastic parts,our sales are work on the same time with Europe and Australia working time, we can offer technology supports and services to you smooth base on our rich experience in CNC machining field, and save your time and cost.  

CNC machining prototyping

Mae ein gallu CNC Peiriannu

CNC peiriannu offer: yn fwy na 20 set

CNC machining Size: 1200*1000*400mm

Machining Accuracy: +/-0.05

Machining sharp: customized

Preferred model Formats: x-t, .stp, .igs, .stl, Auto CAD, Pro/E, Unigraphics

Lead time: 5~12 day, according to the actual prototyping requirement

Deunyddiau sydd ar gael,

Plastig: ABS, POM, PP, PC, Addysg Gorfforol, PA (Nylon), PA + GF, PPS, PVC, PEI, PBT, PTFE, ABS + GF, ABS + PC,

metel: alwminiwm, pres, copr a dur ac ati

Trin wyneb,

Paint, sglein, sidan-print, anodize, arwyneb tryloyw, arwyneb dryloyw, brwsh, olew rwber, electroplate


   Youde Prototype limited is a professional rapid prototype and mold manufactring company,establish in 2005 and local in Shenzhen.We offer a variety of comprehensive services, including Rapid CNC machining, Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting,3D printing, Sheet Metal fabrication, mold design and manufactring etc, kinds of metals and plastics rapid prototyping, low volume production.

   YOUDE trust that our quality and our price will give you an edge over your competitors, Our team is professional in Rapid prototyping, and will help you make the best choice based on your unique project needs and timeline requirements, and will save the development cost and time, looking forward to forming successful business relationships with you in the near future.

Os ydych yn diddordeb ein gwasanaethau ac yn addas ar gyfer eich prosiect, anfonwch e-bost atom: info@youde-prototype.comClick here, Ceisiwch Now  , anfonwch llun, bydd y dyfynbris yn cael ei gyflwyno o fewn 24H. 

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